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My Education Tour, the name says it all. We at MET offers a wide and impressive range of educational programs to the students of some well-known institutes of India. We understand that a tour can give many things, a tour can give strength to the students in order to develop their skills and ability. There are many things that can transform a tour to a more rewarding, pleasant and memorable holiday. By travelling to some places one can find some additional information regarding that place and travel lets people have a deep dive into the history and culture. One should not have the only bookish knowledge, books can only give us only information and by a trip, a student might discover some other facts regardless of the facts present in the books. Explorations come after experiencing.
We believe that travel plays a vital role in education, one can find him/herself in this crowed World that where they stand. Travelling can provide innumerable chances of leading team and a platform from where one can say that we too are the one who is living in this world very proudly. Educational Tours to any destination is an experience that a student will remember as one of the highlights of their education. Let us clear this by giving an example when we were just kids, our history teacher takes the whole class to the parliament and told each and everything about that no matter big or small. Students grasped all the things related to the political science and democracy.
This saying is indeed correct that one will take things easily by experiencing or experimenting rather than have a read of it. We have recognized the need that will enable students to interact with this fanatic World of active minds, in which they live. Also, encourage them to change this environment for the better. Educational field visits help to develop social skills and team building, stimulates personal growth, adaptation and observation skills and give the opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs. These things give a different level of confidence which can stand out in the society remarkably. Read More

Student Trip in India

Why Us?

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    Educational Tours run student trips in India for school and college grade students and emphasis on fulfilling CAS credit requirements of the International Baccalaureate Organization Diploma Program. Our educational tours are designed to give wings to the dream of students belong to any institution. We are here to develop some extraordinary passion in the youth which this country wants at a priority. This is not the end, we also provide cultural experiences and interaction with many other languages with a mint of academics. Getting more on the environment will take us closer to it, we can feel the surrounding only after getting closer to it.

Educational Tour in India

Educational tour is a media where student travel trips are organized as part of their curriculum. School trip and college trip offer a lot of practical knowledge to the students along with theoretical knowhow. Student trips can teach some

Advantages of Student Educational Tours:

Exposure – Students get the chances to explore the place which they have never been before. For those who don’t get the opportunity to travel this is an advantageous factor.

Retention – Trips that creates memories in the mind are called episodic memories, which helps students retain information for longer periods.

Bonding – Sometimes to create a strong bond with our fellow mates we have to spend time with them far from everyday environment. A trip can create a strong bond within students on the more personal level.

Teaches Professionalism – Places need a decorum which is to be maintained by the students at trips. Indirectly it teaches a sense of professionalism.

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