… industrial visit can be very amazing for students. There is numerous manufacturing units like … and many more industries there. Shivpuri is a city and a municipality in Shivpuri district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is in the Gwalior Division of northwest Madhya Pradesh and is the administrative headquarters of Shivpuri District.


Chhatris are elevated, dome-shaped pavilions used as an element in Indian architecture. Chhatris are commonly used to depict the elements of pride and honor in the Rajput architecture of Rajasthan.


Panihar is a sacred bathing place in the Shivpuri District. It is situated at a distance of around 20 km from Gwalior and can be easily reached by roadways.

Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park is one of the major wildlife parks in the district which is spread over an area of 157 sq km. It was a famous hunting spot for the Gwalior royal family as well as the British. Some of the animals inhabiting this park are the four-horned antelope, blue-bull, chinkara, tiger, leopard and chital.

Balancing Rocks

The Madhav Vilas Palace, painted in a soft shade of rose pink, was the summer palace of the Scindia rulers. The palace has a huge terrace, a Ganapati Mandap and marble floors. It has been converted into a training centre of the Intelligence Bureau of Government of India.

Karera Bird Sanctuary

The Karera Bird Sanctuary is situated in Madhya Pradesh and is home to numerous birds and animals. It is about 55 km from the city of Shivpuri and is renowned as the natural habitat of the Indian bustard. There are three main types of bustards living in the sanctuary, namely the coloured bustard, Indian bustard and bearded bustard.


Banganga is an old temple in Shivpuri, which is famous for its 52 sacred kunds. It is believed that this is the site where Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, shot an arrow in the ground to get water for quenching the thirst of Bhishma.

George Castlee

The George Castle was constructed by Jivaji Rao Scindia in 1911 inside the Madhav National Park. The castle, located at the highest point in the park, was considered to be the overnight halt of King George V during tiger hunting. From the castle, views of the forest and the Sakhya Sagar Lake are available.

Narwar Fort

The Narwar Fort is around 41 km away from Shivpuri and can be easily reached by private vehicles. It was constructed by Kachwaha Rajputs, in the traditional Rajput architectural style. It is known for the fluted columns, flat ceilings and multi-foil arches. The fort covers an area of around 8 sq km and lies at a height of 500 ft above sea level.

Siddheshwar Temple

The Siddheshwar temple is one of the oldest temples, devoted to Lord Vishnu. The temple, depicting ancient Hindu culture and architecture, has a big statue of Lord Vishnu. It also has beautiful idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi. An annual fair is organised at this temple during the festival of Mahashivaratri.

Bhadiya Kund

Bhadiya Kund is a natural spring, known for high mineral content. Several tourists visit this picnic spot near Shivpuri, especially during the monsoon season.


Pachrai is a famous village in the Shivpuri District which is considered to be one of the major Jain centres in Madhya Pradesh. There are around 28 temples in this village, including the Shri Pachrai Teerth, Shri Shantinath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra and Shri Panihar-Barai-Khaniaghan Teerth.

Tatya Tope Memorial

The Tatya Tope Memorial was constructed to honour the freedom fighter Tatya Tope, who took active part in the Indian National Movement. The statue of Tatya Tope is built at the place where he was killed by the British.

Survaya ki Garhi

Survaya ki Garhi is about 20 km away from Shivpuri and is known for an ancient Lord Shiva temple and a water source. There is also an auditorium made of stone at this site that lies on the main Shivpuri-Jhansi Road.

Tatya Tope Memorial

The Pawa Waterfalls is situated in Pohri which is about 40 km from Shivgiri. The waterfall is located near a grand statue of Lord Shiva and the Pawa Kund which is 500 ft deep.

Bhoora Khon Waterfall

The Bhoora Khon Waterfall is a very small waterfall in the district which has an idol of Lord Shiva. It is situated very close to the Madhav Sagar Lake and the Boat Club and is suitable for swimming. The waterfall comes down from a height of 25 m and falls into the nearby river.

Mahua Shiva Temple

The Mahua Shiva temple is a 7th century temple that resembles the Gupta temples at Sanchi and Tigawa. It is one of the famous temples in the region that has ornate door frames and pillars, dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries.

Son Chiriya Bird Sanctuary

The Son Chiriya Bird Sanctuary is a natural habitat of a rare bird named Son Chiriya and is situated in Karera. This sanctuary is about 20 km away from Shivpuri and has some of the rarest species of avifauna.

Mohini Pik Up Wear

Mohini Pik Up Wear is one of the important picnic spots in the district, which lies on the route to Narwar from Shivpuri. This spot is around 50 km away from Shivpuri and is known for a glass house that offers beautiful views of the nearby dam.

Khokhai Math of Rannod

The Khokhai Math of Rannod, about 65 km away from Shivpuri, is located inside a dense forest. It is an ancient spiritual centre, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Mohini Pik Up Wear

The Shivpuri District Museum is an archaeological museum, established in 1962. There is a wide collection of coins, Mughal paintings, sculptures as well as Rajput and Maratha paintings in this museum. It also has its own library, where visitors can find books on Jain sects and other topics.