… industrial visit can be very amazing for students. There is numerous manufacturing units like … and many more industries there. Kushinagar, Kusinagar or Kusinara is a town and a Nagar Panchayat in Kushi Nagar district of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh located around NH-28, being 52 km east to Gorakhpur city.

Sun Temple

The Sun temple, situated in Turkpatti, is about 17 km from Kushinagar on the main Kasia-Tamkuhi Road. This temple has two huge statues of Sun God that are made using black stone. These statues were discovered during excavations conducted during the 4th – 5th century and the 8th – 9th century.

Kushinagar Museum

Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India is the city of Stupas and Temples and attract tourists from all over. From historical monuments to temples, Kushinagar is one of the tourist places in Uttar Pradesh which has carefully treasured the remnants of medieval India everywhere.

Mahaparinirvana Temple

This houses a 6.10 meter long statue of the reclining Buddha. The image was unearthed during the excavations of 1876.

Ramabhar Stupa

The Ramabhar Stupa has a huge circular drum with a diameter of 34.14 meters on the top which consists of two or more terraces and is 47.24 meters in diameter at the base.

Matha Kuar shrine

The Matha Kuar shrine has a statue of Buddha dating back to the 10th century. This 3 m high statue is said to have been built of a single stone. The statue at the temple depicts Lord Buddha in a Bhumi Sparsh Mudra. It also shows Buddha sitting under the Bodhi Tree, which symbolically represents ‘the Enlightenment of Buddha’.

Chinese Temple

The Lin Sun Chinese temple is one of the attractions of Kushinagar.This temple is quite different as compared to other temples located in Kushinagar because of its different structure and design.

Indo Japan Srilanka Temple

The Indo-Japan-Srilanka temple in Kushinagar has a famous Ashta Dhatu or Eight Metal statue of Lord Buddha that was brought from Japan. It was brought in dismantled form and was later assembled at the site of this temple. This temple is circular in shape and its construction was funded by the Japanese monarchy.

Nirvana Stupa

The Nirvana Stupa, also known as the Nirvana Chaitya, is located behind the Mahaparinirvana temple. This 2.74 m tall brick stupa was discovered by British archaeologists in 1876. Along with the stupa, a copper plate was also discovered during the excavations.

Wat Thai Temple

Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the important sacred destinations of the Buddhist followers.

Meditation Park

The Meditation Park is located at Kushinagar near the Nirvana temple and is comprised of artificial water bodies with elevated verdant green stages best for meditation. The meditation park is surrounded by Sal trees and other plants.


KuberSthan Road is located in Semaria khurd Near Padrauna.

Sidhua Asthan

Sidhua Asthan, just 4 km away from the Padrauna-Tamkuhi Road, is known for the Siddhi, a place of gods.

Kurukulla Asthan

Kurukulla Asthan is a famous meditation centre in the region, which is devoted to the Aadi Shakti, also known as Kurukulla Devi. This centre is located around 8 km away from Kasia-Tamkuhi Road


Pawanagar, also known as Pawapuri, is regarded as the nirvana place of Lord Mahavira of the Jain community.

Devraha Asthan

Devraha Asthan is about 3 km away from the Padrauna Cantonment in Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh. There is a big mount at this site that has statues of Tirthankara Neminath, Tirthankara Mahavira and Lord Vishnu.